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SC (N) Santala's Xoraya, DSM, DVM

Xoraya was born in our own breeding, 10th of July 2009, as one of total five babies in Victor's first litter. She is after GIC SI* Raul's Victor and EC (N) Santala's Bitteline. Xoraya has bloodtype A.

It was originally not our plan to keep total three babies in this litter, but it became a very special litter after Bitteline and Victor, and since this was also Bittelines last babies, we didn't manage to let Xoraya move from home.

She is a very feminine girl, though she has a real "killer-look" as her mom Bitteline, wonderful curly coat covering whole body, and with a fantastic blotched pattern. Xoraya has a beautiful short and broad head, and as her brothers also a wonderful temper. Though she is definetely a "mommy's girl":)

Xoraya has participated at a lot of shows with us, she has done very well and also taken the highest title possible for an fertile cat within our federation FIFe; Supreme Champion.

Both she and her litterbrother Xoor gained this title at the same show, same date; a very special feeling and none of them lost one certificate on their way there.

Xoraya didn't have any litters before being neutered.