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SC (N) Santala's Xoor, DSM, DVM
Lives with Trine & family 

Xoor was born in our own breeding 10th of July 2009, as one of total five babies in Victor's first litter. He is an big, black boy after GIC SI* Raul's Victor and EC (N) Santala's Bitteline.

Xoor has bloodtype A, and doesn't carry none of the four known mutations for longhair. 

It wasn't our intention to keep total three babies from this litter, but it became a very special litter after Bitteline and Victor, and since this was also Bitteline's last babies, we didn't manage to let Xoor move so far.

We are sooooo honoured and happy to have worlds best "fosterhome" for Xoor in Trine and her family where Xoor lives, together with EC (N Santala's Cora Celine, DSM and her son Aragon of Stingray (N).

Xoor is an biiiiiiiig, muscular boy with an amazing broadness in head, a real "teddybear", and a wonderful short and curly coat. He has also the most wonderful personality; a real charmeour who loves all and everyone:)

Xoor loves to go to show with us, and has done very well, and gained also the highest title for fertile cats within our federation FIFe; Supreme Champion. Actually at same show and date as his littersister Xoraya, a very special feeling and both littermates didn't loose one certificate on their way there.

Xoor has an amazing temper , just as his daddy Victor he also loves to give kisses and lovebites, both at home and at shows, no matter if it's us, our friends, public or judges, he just love all attention and we are so proud and happy about this big, black bear<3

Thank you sooooo much Trine with family for taking such great care of Xoor and for loving him as much as we all do<3

Xoor is father to our B2-litter (born October 2010), C2-litter (born April 2011), D2-litter (born May 2011), I2-litter (born August 2012), J2-litter (born March 2013), K2-litter (born April 2013) and L2-litter (born May 2013). 

His babies Imaki, Kadicha and Loki continued their daddys lines in our cattery.