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IC (N) Santala's Ximir

Ximir was born in our own breeding, 10th of July 2009, as one of total five babies in Victor's first litter. He is an big redsmoke boy after GIC SI* Raul's Victor and EC (N) Santala's Bitteline.

Ximir has bloodtype A, and doesn't carry none of the four known mutations for longhair. 

It was originally not our plan to keep total three babies from this litter, but this fellow managed to charm us totally with his attitude and appearance, and we were not able to let him move from home at the end.

He is a wonderful, biiiiiig boy with an amazing body, strong and muscular, and we just love his headshape and expression.

Ximir has lot of similarities with both his mom and dad in look, and also in his behaviour, especially from his mom:)

As the "redhaired guy" he is, he has always lot of doings in mind, and we wonder sometimes where he get it all from:)

He gives us many great laughs and is just a pleasure to have around, such a "little happy-feet":)<3

Also he looooves to give cuddles, kisses and lovebites, he is just a very special boy we are very happy to share our lives with; an amazing big, cuddly "bear":)

Ximir was daddy to our H2-litter (Heyoka, born September 2011) before being neutered.