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CH (N) Santala's Xerox

Xerox was born in our own cattery 31st of December 2016, as one of total four babies. 

He is a redsmoke boy after IC (N) Santala´s Quinto and (N) Bargello Shelby, JW.

Xerox will be DNA-tested for bloodtype and longhair later.

Xerox is a biiiiiig, muscular boy with the most wonderful personality; a real charmeour who loves all and everyone:) Totally redhead, a VERY special guy which was impossible to let move from home <3 He reminds us very much of his mommy Shelby, daddy Quinto and grandpa Tabasco in his way of behaving <3 Also the XXL-size come from them :) Many judges are also very impressed by size as many Devons today are getting smaller and smaller. At his first show as 4 month old kitten he got his nickname "horse" as he was already then very big to be just 4 months old. 

Xerox ears, ear placement and broadness at base he has inherited from mommy Shelby, we just love them!!!!  And the naughty adult expression in eyes from daddy Quinto <3 He has inherited the best traits from genes behind. Xerox has now already full coat, waiting for curls to develop even more, and with time we are so looking forward to hopefully have soon little "mini-horses" running around here <3

Xerox has attended some shows with us as kitten/youngster with super judgements, and we hope to bring him for some more shows also now in adult-class if he still will enjoy shows then :)

Breeding only for our cattery.