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GIC SI* Raul's Victor

Meet our gorgeous "little" Victor; GIC SI* Raul's Victor. Victor is really a dream come true. When his breeder Milena e-mailed us the first photos of the little babyboy, asking us wether or not we liked him, and if we wanted him, he was ment for us. There was absolutely NO DOUBT at all in our souls what to answer. We just had to say "yes" ; we were completely sold and fell immediately in love with this little fellow.

It became a loooooong waitingtime for him to fullfill the rabiesvaccineprocedure to be allowed to come into Norway at that time. Months, weeks and finally days were counted, until we finally got to meet Victor and hold him in our arms for the first time. While waiting for Victor to come home to Norway, a lot of e-mails and lovedeclarations where sent to Victor, poor Milena had to stain with all our "love-letters":)

Victor, or "Vikki" as he is called for daily, was born in cattery of SI* Raul's in Slovenia, 17th of January 2008. He is a goooorgeous brownspotted boy after SC CFA GC Hilltop Park Rockstar of Raul and SI* Raul's Tigrina. Victor has bloodtype A, and doesn't carry none of the four known mutations for longhair. 

We love this boy so so much, he is everything we have ever been dreaming about and much more<3

He really is such an big boy; compact, muscular and great in body and bonestructur; long tail and with an coat and coatquality we love on the Devons. Fully coated all over and wonderful texture with guardhairs. He has a wonderful head, and some ears out of another dimension!!:) Perfect set, perfect size and perfect broadness in base, they are amazing!!

Victor has also such a fantastic personality and temper, a real cozyboy who melts everyone's heart:) He is purring and cozing all time, loves to lay in our lap, and is totally cool in all situations. Nothing stresses him up, he is satisfied as long as he has a lap to sleep in and get hugs and kisses. He is an amazing boy and we are so very proud of him and the wonderful babies he has become father to so far<3

Thousands of big hugs to you dear Milena for entrusting us this gorgeous boy, and to let us share our lives and home with this big, happy and cozy charmeour<3 We are so proud of him and love him so much, and Vikki also seems to enjoy his life up here in high north:) Thank you so much for your entrustment and friendship, we are forever grateful to you for everything.

Victor is father to our X-litter (born July 2009), Y-litter (born April 2010), Z-litter (born June 2010) and A2-litter (born August 2010).