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SI* Raul´s Tira

Meet our beautiful "little" Tira. She was born in cattery SI*Raul´s in Slovenia, 8th of August 2013. She is a brownspotted girl after (N) Santala´s Dinkee and GIC SI*Raul´s Flittermouse.


Tira is a big girl!!!! with a wonderful, muscular body <3 Her head is short and broad, and she has the most wonderful devilish expression, just as we want the Devon-expression to be <3 

She is a real sunshine to have around, puuuuurrfect cuddly, cozy, so sweet personality who loves all <3

We are so happy to share our home and lives with Tira, and not at least to have a Dinkee-baby back, as this sweetie is our grandchild :) 


Tira will attend some shows with us in future, and hopefully with time we will also enjoy some little Tira´s running around here :) <3 


Thank you so so much dear Milena for letting us share our lives and home with another fantastic baby from your breeding, we are so happy and honoured for the trust you are giving us and for our friendship.