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SI* Raul's Tangos
Lives with Lill & family

Tango was born in cattery SI* Raul's in Slovenia, 17th of February 2011.

He is an chocolatesilverspotted boy after IC Loganderry Tootle Toes of Raul and GIC SI* Raul's Flittermouse. 

We just love this boy, both his look but not at least also his personality and behaviour, he is a very, very special fellow. 

He is a great, muscular boy with a lovely body, a real "bulldog":) and an amazing headshape, so short and broad, and with a great profile and forehead.

At same time he has the most wonderful personality ever, it's impossible not to fall in love with this boy, and he loves to stay in our arms or lay in our lap, and he also share; as Victor does, kisses and lovebites:)

Thank you so so much dear Milena for letting us share our lives and home with another fantastic boy from your breeding, we love our Slovenian boys so much no words can tell, and we are so happy and honoured for the trust you are giving us and for our friendship. 

Tangos didn't sire any litters before being neutered.