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(N) Bargello Shelby, JW

Meet our newest little addition to our family, (N) Bargello Shelby, JW. She is really such a little dreamgirl<3

Shelby was born in cattery (N) Bargello in Norway, 11th of January 2012. She was the only girl in the litter of total three babies after GIC RO* King's Oddysey Ares and IC (N) Bargello rex True Blue. 

We love this little tortie-tortie so so much, she is for us just a dream of a DEVON<3

Shelby is a big babygirl, wonderful, muscular body with some huuuuuge paws:) She has the most wonderful develish expression and cutest little "half-half coloured" chin, and she reminds us so much of our Bitteline from our first B-litter. Shelby's head, ears and not at least EARPLACEMENT is just fantastic, also judges have told they didn't see such low set, big ears before:) 

Little baby-Shelby has attended some shows with us already and did great.

Thousands of big hugs to you dear Nina for letting us become Shelby's new family, and for letting us share our homes and life with this gorgeous little princess with a heart of gold. No words can tell how much we love her and how proud we are of and for her, thank you so much for your entrustment and friendship<3

Shelby is mom to our K2-litter (born 2013), O2-litter (born 2014), R2-litter (born 2015) and X2-litter (born 2016). We have kept Kadicha, Roseli and Xerox to continue Shelby's lines in our cattery.