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(N) Santala´s Sharan, JW

Sharan was born in our own cattery 26th of March 2015, as one of total three babies. 

He is a cremespotted boy after IC SI*Raul´s Ariel and Derry-Hill Rebel Diamonds.

Sharan is a biiiiig, muscular babyboy with the most wonderful and special personality; a real charmeour who loves all and everyone:) In addition he is a very active guy, "redhead" as 

he is :) <3 He gives us many great laughters of all his doings, and he is a pure bundle of joy to have around, we just love him to bits <3 <3 

He has inherited the best traits from both his parents, a great combination of them <3 

His coat is under development, he is fully babycoated, with the texture we want on a Devon coat, perfect guardhairs :) and we are waiting also for the curls to come back in. We are deeply in love with his ears and earplacement, not to mention the eyes and expression <3 Also judges comments his very special eyes and color <3 

Sharan has attended some shows with us as kitten/youngster with super judgements and results, we are so very proud and happy of/for him, and that the judges and other exhibitors also love our little guy <3 

Sharan didn't sire any litters before being neutered.