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LV*Dea Dia Serafim

Meet our gorgeous little Serafim <3 He was born in cattery LV*Dea Dia in Russia, 10th of September 2017. 

He is an red blotched tabby boy after Florentino's Moccacino and (N) Santala´s Ona. 

We just love this boy, both his look but not at least also his personality and behaviour, he is a very, very special fellow. 

Fima is such a great little guy, he is developing and changing day by day, still our babyboy, but a baby growing faaast :) <3 He has a broad and short head, profile is coming back more and more, and he has just the most wonderful expression and eyes to drown in. 

Wonderful red colour and coat with tiny curls also coming back now day by day <3

At same time he has the most wonderful personality and temper, he hasn't stopped purring since I brought him home, it's impossible not to fall in love with this boy, and we can´t wait to see little "mini-Fima's" with time :) <3 

We are so so happy to share our homes and lives with this bundle of pure love and joy, and not at least to have a little Ona-baby back, as this fellow is our grandchild :) 

Serafim has attended his first show already and received amazing feedback from the judges who just loved him <3 They said he was "looking like a little gremlin", and what for an compliment to hear as it's exactly how a Devon should look like :)

Thank you so much dear Tanya for letting us share our lives and home with another wonderful red boy from your breeding. We just love our russian boys so much, and we are so happy and honoured for the trust you are giving us and for our friendship. 

Breeding only for our cattery.