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GIC (N) Santala´s Roseli

Roseli was born in our own cattery, 3rd of February 2015, as one of three babies in a litter after IC (N) Santala´s Loki, DRX b 24 and (N) Bargello Shelby, JW, DRX fs. 

When we finally had a black little girl born here in our home again she just had to 

stay <3 

Roseli is a big girl with traits from both her mom and dad, and we love this little 

sweetiepie to bits <3 She is fully coated with small curls already coming back in, and is probably the most black kitten ever born here :) She has some huge ears and earplacement like her mom :) Right now she is growing "here and there", but also the judges said all the technical things are there, she just need time to develop (and looking at her mom and dad it means we have to be patience until around 3 years of age ;)) and we can´t wait to watch her grow further <3 

She has the most wonderful temper ever, a real purring cuddly little lady, just a heart of gold <3 

Roseli has attended some shows with us as baby already, and got great judgements. And hopefully in future we will also have little "mini-Roseli´s" running around here :) <3