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SC (N) Santala´s Nani, DVM

Nani was born in our own cattery 5th of May 2014, as one of total four babies. 

He is a brownspotted boy after SC (N) Santala´s Imaki and CH Derry-Hill Rebel Diamonds.

Nani will be DNA-tested for bloodtype and longhair later.

Nani is a big, muscular boy with the most wonderful personality; a real charmeour who loves all and everyone:) He reminds us very much of his daddy Imaki, grandpa Xoor and great grandpa Vikki in all possible ways <3 Especially his size, ears, ear placement and broadness at base he has inherited from these guys :) We just love them!!!!  And he has some eyes and expression to drown in <3 Now as an adult he has one of the best coat we have ever had on any of our Devons, fully coated all over with curls and the texture we love on the Devons, also judges say he has a dream coat, just fantastic, and we hope he will give this to his babies :)

Nani has attended some shows with us as kitten/youngster with super judgements, and also now in adult classes he enjoy just as much and get great feedback from the judges who also like our 

boy :) 

Breeding only for our cattery.

Nani is father to two litters: our U2-litter (born July 2016) and our W2-litter (born December 2016).