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Mixed photos

Look, I can do two things at the same time, both smiling and yawning;)

A little Dracula;)

If I put on my best looking - expression, then maybe??....;))

But I sure can look develish too, and you don't want to come any closer, as I'm the MAN of the house.......;)
The best place to fall asleep is in someones hands;)<3 someones slipper;))

Have a look what I did eat for dinner today;))

Heeeey, I caught you!!!! Nothing is too fast to catch for a Devon, you know!!;))

Here are the puppy of the house; big hanging ears and setting up the most wonderful look. Strange we are in loooove, nooooo.....!!!!;))

Hey, what are you looking at?? You look a bit silly....;))

Ever heard about up- and downset ears??;)) Amazing what this guy can do....;))

Yummy, a lovely, little pink mouse-meal is waiting;))

Any doubt about my huge needle-teeth?? You know, I want a mouse-meal too....;))

Well camouflated for hunting??....Don't think soo;))

Never heard about monkey-Devons??;))

Seems like these monkey-genes are inheriting;) Methi's daughter Winthy and Winthy's daughter True Blue doing "monkey-gymnastic" in the curtain;) (Photo: Nina Vinje)

Two best friends<3<3

Small kids also need to get some sleep. Am I cute or not?? Little sweetheart taking a nap<3

Ever heard about Dumbo? That's me and this is my dumbo-ears;))

Right before take- off.....;))

Don't come any closer...I'm ready to attack;))

I'm sooooooo big.......;))

Flying tortie...;))

What's happening up there??;))

Here I am!!:)

GOT you!!;))

Gggggrrrrrr, this is MY toy!!!;))

Mmmmm, just have to taste;))


Little baby-Xoraya, 2 weeks old<3

A real little doll :)

Stretching, stretching;))

Washing, washing;))
I just loooooove my mommy;))
Hey you;))

Little miss sweetiepie:)<3

Cutest little "buddha" :)

Shelby being a true acrobat:)

A little santa claus:)

(N) Santala's Heyoka, DRX a 24

It's not always easy to be a white fellow and often have to take a shower;)

CH (N) Santala's Piraru'ku, DRX w 62

(N) Santala's Mickey M-A-C Devons meeting with a goldfish at judges table at a show in Molde.

A little "teddybear", such a cozy, cuddly, purring little charmeour, here 4 weeks old<3

(N) Santala's Coogee, DRX n 33

A little Kelele very excited to see the christmasdecorations:)