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Our males and young hopefuls

LV*Dea Dia Serafim

Date of birth: 10. 09. 2017

Color: DRX d 22

Father: Florentino's Moccacino, DRX b 22

Mother: (N) Santala's Ona, DRX hs 24

Breeder: Tatiana Nikiforova

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CH (N) Santala´s Xerox

Date of birth: 31. 12. 2016

Color: DRX ds

Father: IC (N) Santala's Quinto, DRX n

Mother: (N) Bargello Shelby, JW, DRX fs

Breeder: own breeding

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SI*Raul's Cactus

Date of birth: 21. 08. 2016

Color: DRX as 24

Father: NW SC SI*Raul's Axl, JW, DVM, DSM, DRX bs 22

Mother: IC SI*Raul's Prada, DRX as 24

Breeder: Milena Hribar

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IC (N) Santala´s Quinto

Date of birth: 02. 01. 2015

Color: DRX n 

Father: CH Dea Dia Tabasco, DRX d

Mother: Zeta Jones vom Pharao*CH, DRX n 

Breeder: own breeding

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SC (N) Santala's Nani, DVM


Date of birth: 05. 05. 2014

Color: DRX n 23

Father: SC (N) Santala's Imaki, DRX n

Mother: CH Derry-Hill Rebel Diamonds, DRX g 23

Breeder: own breeding



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                                   IC SI* Raul's Ariel

Date of birth: 28. 10. 2013

Color:  DRX n 24

Father: NW GIC SI* Raul's Boogie Woogie, DRX n 24

Mother: (N) Santala's Danika,  DRX n

Breeder: Milena Hribar 


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SC (N) Santala´s Imaki

Date of birth: 03. 08. 2012

Color: DRX n

Father: SC (N) Santala´s Xoor, DSM, DVM, DRX n

Mother: (N) Santala´s Vanora, JW, DRX ns

Breeder: own breeding

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