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SC (N) Santala´s Kadicha

Kadicha was born in our own cattery 11th of April 2013, as one of total six babies. Her parents are SC (N) Santala´s Xoor, DSM, DVM and (N) Bargello Shelby, JW. 

We didn't manage to let this little girl move anywhere, for us she represent a wonderful mix of both her father and her mother, and since this would be the only litter between Xoor and Shelby, before Xoor was neutered, we wanted to keep a girl from this litter <3 In addition she reminded us so much of Bitteline, both in personality and look, so she just had to stay <3 

Kadicha has a very nice, strong body and her head is just developing better and better with age. 
She has an amazing personality, a very special "little" tortie, who completely own our hearts just as Bitteline <3 A real cuddly, cozy girl with heart of gold <3 

She has attended some few shows with us, and we look forward to see little future Kadicha´s later on when time is right :)