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SC (N) Santala´s Imaki

Imaki was born in our own cattery 3rd of August 2012, as one of total three babies. 

He is an big, black boy after SC (N) Santala´s Xoor, DSM, DVM and (N) Santala's Vanora, JW.

Imaki has bloodtype A (carries B).

Imaki is a big, muscular boy with the most wonderful personality; a real charmeour who loves all and everyone:) He reminds us very much of his daddy Xoor in all possible ways <3 

He has an amazing temper for being a fertile breedingboy, just as his daddy Xoor, and has produced some very nice babies so far with our american ladies <3 

He will join us at some shows in future, and hopefully enjoy as much as he did as kitten/youngster :) 

Breeding only for our cattery.

Imaki is father to two litters: our P2-litter (born november 2014) and our N2-litter (born may 2014).