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About us

The Devon Rex breed found its way into our hearts when we saw a Devon at a show early 1997. By the end of 1998 our first Devon moved in, and now, we can not imagine a life without them.

They are some very special creatures, we especially like their adorable way of behaving, and the joy and happiness they bring to all people and other cats and animals around. They have a very affectionate and charming nature of behaving, which we appreciate and love so much.

And by raising some litters a year, we have the opportunity to also give other families, friends and breeders a loving little baby for them to have for many years ahead.

(N) Santala’s is a cattery located in the middle of Norway. Our catteryname was registered within NRR & FIFe in 2000. The prefix is owned by mother, Torill, and daughter, Lisa. We don’t live in the same house, but nearby each other, and we have each our own cats in our homes, and we raise our babies all under the prefix (N) Santala’s.

For further presentation of our cats, have a look at the personal pages for each one of them. Push males and females"button" at the top, and at those mainsites you'll find frames for each of our boys, girls and young hopefuls:)

Owning and breeding Devons are our passioned hobby, and we also like to travel to various shows around, as long as our cats find this ok, we don’t want to if it is too stressfull to them.

But the best part of this is raising our babies, watch them grow day by day, play with them, cuddle and coze, and have them around until they are old enough for the “big world” and to settle down with new families and in new homes.

The most important thing for us when having babies is that our babies come to great new homes, where they firsthand shall be treated and taken care of like any other member of the family. We are very concerned on finding good, loving and everlasting homes for our babies, and we love to stay in touch with our kitten buyers. To take a part in their development, hear stories from their new homes, watch pictures as they grow, because they will always be our babies even though they have a new little family.

We do mostly sell our babies to pethomes, eventually showhomes, quite few of our babies move to breeders, and then only to breeders whom we trust will take good care of our small ones.

(N) Santala's babies can except Norway be found in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel and USA. Thank you to all new families and owners of our beloved "little" ones for taking so great care of "our" babies and love them so much, we are forever grateful for this <3  

Our babies will not leave our home before earliest age of 4 months; this will also depend on where she / he will move. Then they are vaccinated, have got worm treatment, and have a health certificate from our veterinarian. Along comes also a pedigree from our clubs federation which is connected to FIFe. All other necessary things needed for an eventually export will be on buyers costs. We don't ship any of our babies cargo, but want the new owner to come here and pick up their baby.

If you have any questions about us or our cats, you are welcome to contact us. We love to get in contact with other Devon-lovers around the world.

Lisa Gjøten Sandnes
Dalabrekka 36 C
Tlf.: + 47 98 06 70 51
Torill Gjøten Sandnes
Portveien 19, Bremsnes
Tlf.: + 47 90 60 98 87.